Raptor Maps Releases Global Solar Aerial Inspection Report

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GW of Data Reported

Million Modules Analyzed

MW of Anomalies

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Raptor Maps, the global leader in solar lifecycle management software, released its annual report on factors affecting production in PV systems. The company leveraged a subset of its data repository of PV system “digital twins” to query 22 GW across 27 countries and 6 continents to help PV system owners and operators benchmark and improve their portfolios.

The study encompassed 70 million modules across more than 1,126 PV systems and showed that on average, 1.9% of power production is affected (compared with 1.6% from the previous year). Classifications included in the study include equipment (e.g., inverter, combiner, tracker), environmental (e.g., shadowing, soiling), and module-level findings (e.g., cracking, delamination, and activated bypass diodes). 

Raptor Maps’ mission is to enable the solar industry to scale efficiently.

Technical information regarding data collection protocols and API reference available at docs.raptormaps.com.



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