Rooftop PV Planning Survey

The Raptor Maps Rooftop PV Planning Survey adds accuracy, safety, and efficiency to the planning and design stages of rooftop PV construction projects. Leverage drones to acquire precise rooftop measurements and an accurate base map. Use the data collected to quickly obtain permits, remove developer bottlenecks, and move onto site construction.

Speed, Accuracy, and Safety


Faster Than Manual Inspections

Quickly acquire exact measurements of all offsets, obstructions, and parapet walls, without deploying engineers to the rooftop. Obtain the required permits faster. 


Impact On Final Costs

The initial design can greatly influence the project’s final cost. Prevent unexpected costs and delays by designing the site right the first time with precise data. 

Enabling Efficiency

The Rooftop PV Planning Survey allows teams to remotely and simultaneously survey and gather data on multiple sites.  Your team receive precise measurements in the files necessary to design a site in AutoCAD, including: 

  • AutoCAD Compatible Files
  • 3D Mesh Files
  • AutoCAD (.dwg) Files

Read more about the files below. 

Download The One Sheet

Reports That Remove Developer Bottlenecks

The Rooftop PV Planning Survey delivers the files and measurements your team needs to properly design the site, obtain permits, and begin construction. Start today and quickly eliminate developer bottlenecks. 

Deliverables to match your needs:

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