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The intuitive post-processing software platform for thermal and color drone inspections.
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Data Management, Analytics, and Deliverables

The Raptor App™ is an efficient, scalable post-processing solution for thermal and color drone data. Regardless of the inspection job, the Raptor App provides you with the tools you need to deliver results. Filter and find the images you need to review, tag significant findings, create reports, and easily share access to data while setting permissions by roles and responsibilities.

The Raptor App is used by drone professionals across the globe, including:

  • Drone Service Providers
  • Enterprise Drone Programs
  • Engineering Firms

Interact with your drone data in an intuitive 3D interface. Generate a basemap inside the Raptor App, or upload a GeoTIFF from your favorite mapping software.

Discover and Annotate Important Findings

Use the 3D interface to find the important images. Annotate the data with a variety of helpful tools including drawing/labeling polygons, a “high” priority marker, tags defined by your organization, and longer reviewer notes. Use the photogrammetry tool to make measurements when the camera is perpendicular to the scene (see blog post).

Manage Your Organization

Enterprise-grade permissions to keep your data secure and your organization running smoothly.Your company may have a wide range of roles and use cases:

  • Manage a team of pilots that only needs to upload files
  • Fly as a subcontractor for a different organization
  • Permit your GIS team to create new reports
  • Let your data scientists download for further analysis

Export Multiple Filetypes

Lock and unlock share links to provide to your clients. No login required. KML file compatible with ArcGIS, Google Earth, and more (see case study here). Summary and detailed Excel files can be sorted and filtered by image metadata, annotations, and measurements. Access to the Expert tool for a la carte orders, such as Radiometric Thermal Maps, Slap Maps for long linear corridors, and Machine Learning algorithms.

Compatible with Thermal Imagery

Load your radiometric .jpeg and/or thermal .tiff images into the Raptor App. Change the temperature scale, emissivity, and color palette. Annotations can be any shape, and will contain min, max, and average temperature values. Perfect for use cases such as commercial roof inspections, concrete subsurface delamination for bridges and roads, hot spot mapping from wildfires to landfills, steam vents, tank level inspections, and more.


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