AI for Agriculture

Raptor Maps applied its Artificial-Intelligence (AI) software solution to agriculture using its proprietary Harvest Monitor. The Harvest Monitor is similar to a “wingless” drone, consisting of configurable thermal and color cameras, high-accuracy GPS, surface mapping system, 4G and wifi communication, and onboard computing. The Harvest Monitor was powered by the implement (harvester, piler, etc.) and was field-tested with farmers and food processors to maintain continuous uptime during months of extreme harvesting and weather conditions.

Machine Learning for Drones

Drones are generating more data than we know what to do with. Every mission can generate thousands of images (or hours of video) that need analysis. With machine learning, we can teach algorithms to detect something we care about classify it, and localize it in space. From there, we can do further processing, such as measuring the diameter and mapping the density. By incorporating additional data streams and decision-making capabilities, your machine learning becomes artificial intelligence (AI).

Raptor App for Scouting

Raptor App scouting software organized and analyzed farm imagery. You could upload drone photos, cell phone images, and maps taken via manned aircraft and satellite. Built-in tools enabled photogrammetry (measuring areas and distances) from single images, reducing drone flights to under 5 minutes and eliminated post-processing time. Reports were compatible with all major browsers and GIS software.

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The Harvest Monitor was installed above any specialty crop conveyor belt. Raptor Maps provided powerful software tools to map and analyze crops both in the field and in storage. The Harvest Monitor was used to measure crop size (diameter and length), measure tare, and map crop temperatures.

Case studies can be found here. Sample reports are available here and here.

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