Enterprise AI

Custom machine learning and AI solutions for your workflow

Enterprise AI Solution

Raptor Maps develops custom, end-to-end machine learning and AI solutions for enterprises that leverage drones and aerial data. The Enterprise AI solution includes custom algorithms trained for specific assets, interfaces and alerting systems, incorporation of asset and other IoT/SCADA data, backend IT integration, and more.

AI for Your Organization

Raptor Maps’ Enterprise AI customers vary, ranging from publicly-traded utilities to multinational food processing companies. If your organization is putting drones or thermal imaging sensors to work, contact us to learn more.

Machine Learning Tasks

Raptor Maps has worked with customers on a variety of automated detection tasks, including: surface corrosion, cracking, leakage, hot spots, right-of-way intrusion, roof moisture detection, predictive maintenance, wildfire detection, landfill hot spots, crop spacing, tree canopy pixel counting, and conveyor belt analysis.


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