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Benefit from Optimization

Solar PV is one of the world’s fastest-growing sources of renewable energy, with 2.1 GW installed during Q2 of 2019 in the United States alone. As the amount of PV installations increase, the construction process will need to be streamlined to keep up with the growing demand. The alternatives are longer project times, increased costs, and a higher risk of future issues.

The industry has taken steps to increase solar PV construction efficiency, and a demonstrated method has been consistent progress verification. Using satellite to capture the data (imagery) and software for analysis has proven inexpensive and reliable option for it. By creating a searchable system of reports, teams are able to easily reference site development points and make sure benchmarks are being met. With Asset Owners, EPCs, Engineers, and DSP’s all having a vested interest in the completion of the project, increasing efficiency is a growing importance.


Asset Owners

Asset Owners have one of the largest stakes in the completion of the solar construction project. Proper construction of the PV plant ensures that it will operate and produce the expected energy levels, thereby maximizing the return on investment. Adding construction verification software will facilitate the success of these goals. The reports generated from each inspection are easily downloaded in familiar formats and will integrate with the software teams are currently using. These reports, generated as frequently as needed, enable easy and remote verification on the progress of any construction project and build a level of assurance that benchmarks will be met on time.



When an EPC is hired to construct a solar PV system, seeing that it is built to industry standards while remaining in the budget and finishing on time. Doing so will help their reputation, increase their chances of being re-hired, and qualify them further. EPCs are able to use construction verification to decrease the chances of incurring costs outside of what was budgeted for. Being able to verify progress as frequently as necessary keeps everyone up to date on the state of the project, assures benchmarks will be met, and the project will be completed on time. Budgeting for construction verification software before the project begins adds a level of quality control throughout each stage.


Raptor Maps Solar Construction Solution



Independent Engineering Firms

When engineering firms are hired for a solar PV plant construction project, it’s expected that the design, clearing and earthwork, and mechanical installation are all done correctly. Adding a satellite verification and software analysis enables this. Pre-construction land surveying and topographical reports provide a bird-eye view to the area and prevent any last-minute adverse surprises. It will confirm the land clearing is performed correctly. Teams will be able to measure and rack volumes of earthwork to verify the site development follows the timeline. The reports offer quantified data on the progress of the installation and allow comparisons between report numbers to numbers being provided from the field. Utilizing this software makes each piece of equipment trackable, allowing the evolution of installation to be followed.

Construction verification software is a valuable advantage to budget for. The knowledge it provides will reduce the costs and risks that can happen during a project. Easily add it to your next construction project by contacting us HERE or email us directly through info@raptormaps.com