Raptor Maps (YC S16) is Hiring Full-Stack Engineers and Sales Reps

Raptor Maps develops software to convert drone data into expert deliverables. We work directly with industry leaders in clean energy, infrastructure, and agriculture to enable the commercial drone industry.

Our office is located in the vibrant clean-tech, start-up community of Greentown Labs in Boston. We are funded by Y Combinator and the Commercial Drone Fund.

We are looking for full-stack engineers, salespeople with hustle, and makers to join our small, fast-paced team. Apply by sending an email to jobs@raptormaps.com with your resume and LinkedIn.

Full-Stack Engineer

We’re looking for developers with swiss-army knife coding skills. You should be experienced with Python and/or Javascript (specifically React). Willingness to learn new things fast and move throughout the architecture as needed are essential. Data science skills or interests in geo-location, image processing, and machine learning are big pluses as these concepts are heavily used. Previous experience with cloud-computing infrastructure and dev-ops are bonuses, but not required. 

Skills: Python, Javascript, Unix-style terminal.

Sales/Marketing/Customer Success

This role requires a lot of hustle. Your primary role is sales, where you will drive our growth by educating customers and closing deals. You should feel equally at-home selling to large enterprises (at the C-level) and small businesses (e.g., drone service providers), and can also engage in technical conversations. You will also help generate marketing content for our blog and resellers, and interface with existing customers to optimize their workflows. Industry-specific experiences (from utilities inspectors to farm managers) are welcome!

Data Acquisition Engineer

This role is for accomplished “makers” who are willing to build technology and deploy it in the field. Experience with mechanical and electrical systems is critical. You will be building remote sensing systems, installing remote sensors on farms, and flying drones. You will be traveling far and wide on the quest for high-quality data!

Skills: Machining, CAD, rapid prototyping, circuit design, wiring/soldering, embedded systems, Python, Linux. You should be familiar with drones and able to pass the FAA Part 107 exam.


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