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SOLV will use Raptor Maps’ industry-leading AI analytics and reporting software for all PV plant drone inspections performed by the SOLV team

Raptor Maps, a Boston-based software company focused on helping enterprise solar companies adopt drone technology to reduce asset management costs and increase plant production, is proud to announce that it has been chosen to support SOLVs drone operations in regards to post-processing and reporting on PV plant inspections. Raptor Maps software will be used for all commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar installations managed by the SOLV team across the US, totaling over 4 GW of solar PV assets.

“Aerial thermography has become a valuable tool in SOLV’s offering as a solar O&M provider to maximize DC health.  The ability to perform these inspections internally makes us more efficient and allows us to scale operations, passing those savings on to our clients.  A major challenge of aerial thermography is how to process and generate reports once a site has been inspected. SOLV evaluated a dozen companies that provide drone inspection imagery data processing and report generation and found Raptor Maps to be the best solution in the market for our specific needs.  Raptor Maps enables us to quickly and effectively perform the drone inspection, can support our wide range of sites under management, and provides clear and actionable reports for our field team on what items need to be fixed versus monitored,” said Reegan Moen, Business Development Manager of SOLV, Inc., a Swinerton company.

SOLV has consistently been named the number one service provider in the global solar operations & maintenance (O&M) market by GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA. SOLV has already been using Raptor Maps’ software over the last 12 months to process, manage, and report on the aerial thermography inspections of more than 50 PV plants.

The software platform automates the review of the tens of thousands of infrared (thermal) and high-definition color images captured during a drone solar farm inspection, identifying and localizing DC-health and environmental anomalies impacting plant performance. Analytics generated from the inspection are delivered inside the Raptor Maps web-based software platform, with specifics provided on the exact location of each anomaly following existing location tags, each anomaly’s impact on energy production, and a prioritization of all issues for streamlined decision making regarding further investigation in the field.

As SOLV looks to further roll out drone inspections, they will be utilizing Raptor Maps to analyze and report on all PV plant inspections performed in 2019. They will also be collaborating with Raptor Maps to explore software integrations between the Raptor Maps platform and enterprise asset management and monitoring tools used internally.

“SOLV is laser-focused on increasing the bottom line for its renewable energy clients,” said Nikhil Vadhavkar, Raptor Maps’ CEO. “We are delighted to support their in-house performance experts with state-of-the-art software to maximize energy production and minimize risk.”

About Raptor Maps

Raptor Maps provides software for artificial intelligence and PV system analytics, and has built the most enterprise-friendly data model in the industry. The company analyzed more than 4,000 MW (4 GW) of PV systems in 2018 across 6 continents. Its analytics are in compliance with both asset owner requirements and infrared thermography standards. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA USA and founded by MIT engineers. For more information about Raptor Maps, please visit

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