Microplant Inspections and Analytics

A specialized solution for sub-1 MW PV system portfolios

A specialized solution for teams with multiple sub-1 MW PV systems in a portfolio. The inspections and analysis are performed in volume to provide you with a safe and cost-effective solution. Discover the operating health of multiple C&I PV systems and where anomalies are located without manual rooftop visits. 

Efficient and Safe

Quickly gather data on multiple PV systems without truck rolls or internal staff deployments

Raptor Maps manages all of the flight operations through our global turnkey service network, providing safe and reliable portfolio insight. 

Reports and deliverables

  • Every PV system inspection report is available online
  • Easily share, print, and export in the file types your team uses
  • Provide your team with the necessary information to begin the remediation process
  • Improve the efficiency of your repairing system issues

Know what needs to be fixed, and where

  • All malfunctioning modules and strings are tagged and localized
  • View the identified anomalies within the report’s map view, including satellite imagery
  • Each anomaly is presented with the original inspection imagery, allowing visual verification

Let’s Connect!

Quickly and safely gain insight into the performance of your C&I PV systems. We work with in-house drone programs and offer turnkey services to enable you to efficiently construct your rooftop PV systems. Click the button below to get started with this solution.

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