Aerial Data Capture Network

We partner and collaborate with the industry’s leading hardware manufacturers and drone service providers (DSPs) around the world. These partnerships help us deliver the highest-quality support, training and inspection data capture services. We’re dedicated to increasing the efficiency and reducing costs throughout the solar industry and our partners help us with this goal.

Enabling Solar’s Advancement

We’re proudly working to enable the solar industry to efficiently scale by utilizing aerial thermography, artificial intelligence, and thermal data to increase solar production and reduce costs. Watch the video created in collaboration with FLIR about how technology is improving efficiency throughout the industry.

  • We work closely with industry leaders to educate the solar industry on the best practices.

  • We offer hardware, UAV training, and fleet management partners to support internal drone programs.

  • Thousands of partnered DSP pilots worldwide to easily data capture services.


  • Aerial inspection services available in over 70 countries.

Inspection Data Capture Services

Raptor Maps will handle the aerial thermography inspection through our global drone service partner network, analyze the data, and send you a complete report. To learn more about our inspection data capture services and how to get started click the button below. 


Internal Drone Program Support

Perform the inspection with your in-house drone program and send the data to Raptor Maps. We’ll send you an in-depth report on the operating condition of the PV system. To learn more about the deliverables you’ll receive click the button below.


Featured Partners and Collaborators

“Here at Gresco, our vision is to be the industry leader in innovative supply chain solutions. This means we provide not only products, but full end-to-end solutions. Our partnership with Raptor Maps is helping us reach our vision by providing a powerful tool that simplifies and expedites drone-based solar inspections.”

Jamie Gose, UAS Sales Manager, Gresco Technology Solutions

Become a Partner

We partner with the best drone service providers and hardware vendors around the world to provide the highest quality deliverables.

Our global network is skilled and experienced in: 

  • Capturing high-quality aerial data.
  • Onsite safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Working with field teams to streamline operations.
  • Drone program development and training.

For more information, and FAQs about joining our network as a Drone Service Provider, please click here.