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We partner with the best drone service providers and hardware vendors around the world to provide the highest quality deliverables. Our global network is skilled in:


  • Capturing high-quality aerial data.
  • Onsite safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Working with field teams to streamline operations.
  • Drone program development and training.

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Raptor Maps and senseFly Partner to Deliver Best In Class Thermal Drone Inspection Solution

Raptor Maps and senseFly partner to deliver best in class thermal drone inspection solution.

1st May, 2019 – We’re excited to announce that Raptor Maps has partnered with the Swiss-based drone provider senseFLY on the new senseFLY Solar 360. The collaboration between the two companies brings artificial intelligence solar software to industry-leading fixed wing drones. The combination is designed to maximize efficiency of solar farm inspections. Read more here.

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senseFly Raptor Maps partnership

Raptor Maps AirOps Partnership

“Here at Gresco, our vision is to be the industry leader in innovative supply chain solutions. This means we provide not only products, but full end-to-end solutions. Our partnership with Raptor Maps is helping us reach our vision by providing a powerful tool that simplifies and expedites drone-based solar inspections.”

| Jamie Gose, UAS Sales Manager, Gresco Technology Solutions


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