Raptor Maps partnered with FLIR for a five-part series with four videos and a live Q&A webinar on the use of thermal drones for solar inspection. The 4 part video series covers a variety of topics, such as the benefits of thermal cameras in solar inspections, best practices for inspections, questions to ask before hiring a service provider, and the limitations of thermal drones in solar inspections.


Video 2: Thermal Drone Best Practices

This video covers:

  • Hardware Considerations
  • Producing Quality Deliverables
  • Identifying False Positives
  • Why Dual Sensors are Critical 

Video Summary

This video will discuss the best practices to be followed when performing a solar inspection with a thermal drone. It also highlights things that should be considered, such as environmental factors, and hardware considerations. As well as how to produce high quality imagery and deliverables, identifying false positives, and the importance of dual camera payloads. 


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Are you interested in learning more about thermal drone inspections of solar assets, and having your data converted PV analytics and system reports? If so, please contact us here and our team will be in touch.