Leading C&I Owner-Operator Partners with Raptor Maps to Launch New SaaS Offerings that Improve Solar Production.


Raptor Maps, the leading software startup in C&I and utility-scale solar, announced Madison Energy Investments as its newest launch partner. The company’s latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering equips Madison Energy Investments with the digital tools needed to maximize the performance of its fast-growing Commercial and Industrial (C&I) portfolio.


“Madison Energy Investments is serious about asset performance,” explains Jack Hachmann, Managing Partner at Madison Energy Investments. “As the fastest-growing developer, builder, and owner-operator in the C&I space, we are laser-focused on stewardship for our investors. This means maximizing the performance of our existing fleet and ensuring we have the digital infrastructure in place to scale.”


Mobile App Plane of Array Irradiance Data

Raptor Maps’ mobile application displays real-time plane-of-array irradiance fused with their solar data model.


The latest Raptor Maps product enables Madison Energy Investments to fuse in-field sensor data with the electrical schematics in a standardized format, streamline the warranty claim process, and directly correlate revenue with aerial inspection data. Additionally, Madison Energy Investments tracks the performance of assets and causes of degradation from year-over-year, in order to address any performance deficits before they impact the bottom line.


“Raptor Maps is proud to power the most innovative companies in solar,” notes Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO of Raptor Maps. “The Madison Energy Investments team has a strong pedigree of managing a portfolio of assets across hundreds of PV systems, and they currently span the solar lifecycle from development through operations. We are enabling them to increase the internal rate of return (IRR) across their pipeline, which in turn catalyzes the global transition to renewable energy.”


Solar Panel Serial Number Data

Raptor Maps’ application scans and associates serial numbers into their solar data model.


About Madison Energy Investments

Madison Energy Investments is a platform that develops, constructs, owns and operates distributed generation assets within the commercial and industrial (C&I) and small utility-scale sectors. The team’s diverse experience has produced best practices across all phases of the industry from origination to asset management. Quality partnerships and the ‘execution mindset’ drive us to be the best team in the industry. To date, MEI has over 200 MW under contract across 17 states. To learn more about Madison Energy Investments, please visit madisonei.com.


About Raptor Maps

Raptor Maps is the leading provider of lifecycle management software for the solar industry, with over 45 GW analyzed, spanning 40 countries. We service the full solar stack and enable efficiency for all counterparties involved during a PV system’s inception and design, through construction, commissioning, and operating life. Our software offerings provide standardized, collaboration-enabled system analytics and reports. We enable solar companies to increase performance, reduce costs and risk, and manage solar PV assets across a portfolio. In short, we enable solar to scale. To learn more about Raptor Maps, please visit raptormaps.com.