Energized PV Asset Solutions

Increase portfolio efficiency with our full array of PV industry solutions.

Aerial Thermal Inspection Analytics and Reports

The Raptor Maps Solar Asset Inspection tool delivers analytics and easy-to-use reports that enable teams to increase power production, reduce risks, and lower operating costs over time.

Aerial Shading Inspection and Deliverables

An aerial inspection of the trees and obstructions causing shade on a solar PV system. Remotely identify, locate, and visualize obstructions decreasing PV system performance.

Specialized Sub-1 MW PV System Portfolio Solution

The microplant solution offers teams with portfolios of 1 MW or smaller solar PV systems a cost-effective, accurate, and safe method to identify problems impacting C&I plant performance.

Advanced PV Construction Solutions

Start accurately planning, designing, and measuring your PV construction projects.

Aerial PV Construction Progress Monitoring

The advanced PV construction solution enables you to remotely plan, monitor, and track the progress of construction projects. Identify problems in advance and meet deadlines.

Rooftop PV Planning Survey and Deliverables

The Rooftop PV Planning Survey enables teams to design the site right the first time to prevent unexpected costs, reduce risk, and begin obtaining necessary permits.

Aerial Topographic Survey and Deliverables

The Aerial Topographic Survey equips teams with the site assessment data, facilitating proper installation planning to ensure swift construction and preventing unexpected issues later on.

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We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams to improve portfolio efficiency. All solutions are available through our turnkey services. Click the button below to get started with Raptor Maps. 

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