Raptor Maps Mobile App

Our advanced mobile app is here.

Interact with Your Solar Assets in a Whole New Way

  • Updated look and feel for improved usability


  • Full list of solar sites across organizations


  • Mobile optimized inspection reports, complete with sharing capabilities


  • Walk your site and view your location on your as-built using device GPS


  • Detailed anomaly locator for finding and updating issues

Efficiently Find & Resolve PV System Anomalies

  • View the site’s anomalies for any inspection in our List  View or on the Interactive Map.


  • Filter by tag, priority, or level, and view its location on the map. 


  • Can’t find the right panel? The GPS location from the user’s device will display on the map to cross-reference the as-built to find its location.


  • Once they find the anomaly, they can edit the priority, get directions to it on a third-party navigation tool or copy the lat/long of the anomaly.

Easily View Your Whole Portfolio

  • See a list of sites for the organization you’re logged into.


  • Search sites by name to filter the list if you have a large portfolio.


  • Tap on the site thumbnail to navigate to the site overview.


  • View high-level information about the site. 


  • View the full list of inspections for each site.


  • To view your location on the map and as-built related without any anomalies overlaid, click on the magnifying glass – this can be useful for simply walking the site.

View & Share Reports

  • Raptor Maps reports have never been more accessible. All the data from your reports are viewable in the mobile app. 


  • Access an inspection report on the site overview page, select the “Inspection” tab and click the “Report” button.


  • Download reports by navigating to the bottom of the page and clicking the download button.


  • Share reports with the share button, or enable link sharing and copy the share link, or add users to the report.


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