2020 Solar Risk Assessment Report

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Industry experts team up to provide quantified insights on solar generation risk.

Quantitative Insights from the Industry Experts

The Solar Risk Assessment: 2020 Report is a clear, thorough, and data-driven analysis of the risks involved in the solar industry. The report is compiled of articles from industry experts in their respective fields, each with in-depth data on a specific element of solar PV production risk. Each article touches on a different aspect and offers a path to reducing the discussed risks. 

The contributors to the Solar Risk Assessment: 2020 report:

  • Raptor Maps: Aerial Inspections
  • kWh Analytics: Risk Management
  • DNV GL: Independent Engineer
  • Nextera Analytics: Forecasting and Optimization
  • Wood Mackenzie: O&M Market
  • Radian Generation: Asset Management
  • Origis Services: Utility Scale O&M
  • And others…

Read data-backed insights into identifying and reducing risk throughout the solar PV industry.

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