Solar Efficiency Through Technology
Robust software built for solar performance optimization.

Machine Learning For Aerial Solar Inspections

Raptor Solar™ is a Machine Learning powered software solution to help solar companies reduce costs and increase energy production. With Raptor Solar, you can process thermal and color imagery generated from aerial solar site inspections with drones and/or manned aircraft. Every image is analyzed with our state-of-the-art software, in which anomalies are detected, classified, and localized. 

  • Database of over 70 million modules
  • Software can detect pre-failure anomalies
  • Finds, classifies, localizes, and prioritizes all types of anomalies
  • Most efficient safeguard against power production loss

Geospatial Technology Enables Efficiency

At the beginning of a solar construction project and with already producing PV systems, Raptor Maps digitizes your asset by incorporating structural, electrical, and other critical asset data. The digital model, site maps, and as-built drawings are all georeferenced to encode each individual module. Use other GIS tools and our familiar number to easily find anomalies.

Our approach allows our clients to track the progression of a PV system, across a portfolio, and within individual modules. This analysis is critical for preventative maintenance plans, financial modeling, warranty screening, and more.




Your Raptor App

Your Raptor Maps software account provides standardized reports in familiar formats for convenient review and editing. Easily respond to reports within your account, and download and share findings. There is no cap on how many PV systems can be stored.

Account Dashboard

    • Review every site in your portfolio
    • Identify current anomaly impact on energy production
    • Quickly view specific reports
    • Easily add access for organization members

    Report Viewer

      • Understand the financial impact of site anomalies 
      • Locate anomalies using the site as-built and numbering scheme
      • Review anomaly images to optimize maintenance planning
      • Easily export and share reports between parties

      Learn more about Raptor Maps’ Software Deliverables here.

      API Integration


      Raptor Maps easily integrates software solutions through our API. Clients can use the API to push or pull data between tools, maximizing the value of both tools while increasing data output and analysis. Our API can integrate with leading analytics tools used in asset monitoring dashboards and SCADA systems, including Power BI, SAP, and Power Factors.

      • Integrates with leading SCADA systems and internal dashboards
      • View all of your data easily
      • Easily and quickly ingest data from inspections
      • Compatible with major cloud drives

      Learn how to add our API to your account.

      Let’s Connect!

      We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, OEMs, and O&M teams who are looking to improve the efficiency of their solar assets during any stage of its lifecycle. Contact us to learn how our software will enable you to scale. 

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