Shading Inspection and Analysis

Identify problematic areas and where power loss is occuring

The Shading Inspection and Analytics solution provides teams with insight on PV system production loss due to trees or obstructions causing shading. This enables your team to quickly and remotely locate and identify problematic tree lines, and visualize where site shading is occurring for data-driven decision making.

The Impact of Shading on a PV System

If there is shade on only a single panel, it can affect the power production of the entire string, depending on the wiring. Having an analysis of where shading is occurring throughout the day enables you to:


  • Understand where the system loses power production
  • Monitor future potential problem areas
  • Begin to create a data-driven remediation plan

Increase Power Production

Through the inspection and analysis

  • Learn where the trees and obstructions causing PV system shading are located
  • Gain an understanding of all shading related performance loss occurring
  • Obtain the data needed to efficiently create a remediation plan
  • Deliverables breakdown the quantity, location, and production loss from shading

Receive the Deliverables Your Team needs

Only receive the level of inspection and analysis your team needs.

Standard Level Deliverables:

A fast and cost-effective aerial inspection and report that offers an initial breakdown of shading impacting the site.

Receive imagery of PV system shading of each hour, on the hour, between 10 AM – 2 PM. In addition, the report will include Orthomosaics, Orbit Obliques, and Outward image sets to further assist with identifying key obstructions and the areas they impact. 

10 AM

11 AM

12 PM

1 PM

2 PM

Comprehensive Level Deliverables:

An in-depth analysis and power production breakdown of shading occurring on the site in question.

Deliverables include:

  • All imagery from the Standard Level Inspection
    • Hourly imagery, Orthomosaic, Orbit Oblique, and Outward image sets
  • A detailed .PDF report breaking down the PV system’s performance impact due to shading 
  • Diagrams visualizing shade causing obstructions surrounding the PV system

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