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Solar asset inspection analytics and reports.

Raptor Maps builds AI-enabled software that allows solar PV systems to adopt drone technology for efficient inspections.  Our software solution reviews and processes aerial images taken of the solar PV system and then classifies and prioritizes 100% of all anomalies, and provides the exact onsite location of each anomaly to be addressed. We support solar companies that own, manage, and maintain assets and have internal drone programs or need aerial inspection services, allowing any PV system to maximize productivity.


Utilize our global network of experienced drone service providers who will support your solar PV system aerial inspection in any location. We coordinate the operation with local pilots, analyze the data, and return a comprehensive report to you.


We provide the leading software solution to existing drone inspection programs. Perform your inspection and let us handle the rest. You’ll receive accurate data on the health of your PV system in a report that will integrate with your workflow.

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Easily integrate into your workflow.

We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones for solar asset inspection, monitoring, and management internally and/or hire a service provider to fly.

Asset Owners

Maximize the return on your solar asset:

  • End of warranty claim inspections.
  • Maximize return on investment.
  • Due diligence inspections on assets for sale.
  • Ensure proper management and maintenance.
  • Easily identify underperformances and the anomalies causing them. 


Ensure asset commissioning is accurate:

  • Use turnkey services or our software solution for commissioning reports.
  • Have confidence that the solar site is in working condition and producing energy.
  • Confirm equipment is installed correctly.

Engineering Firms

Scale operations, reduce labor, and cut costs:

  • Beneficial for both owners engineers and independent engineers.
  • Effectively deploy labor resources.
  • Compatible with any sized solar PV system.
  • Maximize your workflow as efficiently as possible.
  • 100% of anomaly types identified and prioritized.
  • Manage entire portfolios in your account dashboard.


Support your operation and warranty claims:

  • Detailed and accurate analysis safeguards from faulty warranty claims.
  • Use aerial inspections for a more efficient analysis of suspected malfunctioning equipment.

O&M and Asset Management

Do more with less and be highly efficient:

  • Improve worker safety.
  • Reduce time in the field.
  • Gain insight down to the cell level.
  • Localization of anomalies in digitized solar site.
  • Optimize workflow and system performance.
  • Detailed classification of anomalies.
  • Reduce labor costs by more effectively deploying technicians and allocating recourses.

Drone Service Provider

Provide expert solar deliverables to your clients:

  • Spend more time performing inspections.
  • Eliminate manual image review.
  • Get solar specific analysis on aerial data.
  • Focus on flying the drone and we handle the rest.
  • All deliverables are editable to maintain brand identity.

Actionable Reports Deliver Results.

The Raptor Maps Solar Asset Inspection tool delivers analytics and easy-to-use reports that enable increased power production, reduced risks, and lower operating costs over time. Our robust software converts aerial inspection imagery into detailed analytics on the condition of PV plants to manage asset condition and help complete work orders.

The report is editable and can be viewed on your Raptor Maps account. You’ll receive:

  • A Raptor Maps’ software account for your organization.

  • Each PV plant in your portfolio with a report portal for each inspection.

  • A digitized and geo-referenced PV plant, with every module, individually addressed and assigned to a string and combiner.

  • An exportable .PDF report document per plant inspection containing all analytics, findings tables, and image associated with each anomaly.

  • An exportable .KML report file for field use.

  • An exportable .CSV and .SHP report file for office and field use.

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