Construction Monitoring

Complete solar construction projects efficiently.

Combine drones and software to help plan, monitor, and track your solar construction project. Our solar construction software platform delivers numbers and percentages on the current state of your project. Identify problems before they occur or cause delays. Remotely oversee progress to ensure benchmarks align with project deadlines. Deliver metrics on the current state of your project to management and stakeholders.


Measure Progress. Manage Costs.
Service Through Each Stage.


  • Surveying available.
  • Up-to-date imagery and data on site before beginning construction.
  • Avoid last-minute surprises and delays.
  • Begin earthwork on time.

Clearing and Earthwork

  • Confirm clearing is performed correctly.
  • Precisely measure and rack volumes of earthwork.
  • Verify site development correctly follows plans.
  • Begin mechanical installation on time.

Mechanical Installation

  • Quantify the progress of equipment installation.
  • Compare report data to data from the field.
  • Follow the progression of all solar PV system equipment installed.
  • Reports include racking, leg/beam sets, assemble tables, modules, fencing, ballasts, etc.


  • File warranty claims and confirm all requirements have been met.
  • Ensure the solar PV system is safe and performing optimally. 
  • Simplify your transition. 
  • Minimize the transfer of risk.

Complete Support

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Asset Owners

  • Clear, analyzed, and standardized data on your projects.
  • Easily review all of your projects in a single location.
  • Have confidence in your construction projects being completed on time.


Engineering Firms

  • Use high definition RGB imagery to monitor throughout the entirety of a construction project.
  • Take advantage of our global turnkey services, or utilize our software solution with your internal drone program.
  • Download, edit, and share the deliverables.


  • Use our turnkey services or software through each stage of the construction process.
  • Monitor construction progress as frequently as necessary.
  • Inspect projects upon completion, and verify final project quality with accurate and detailed reports.

Drone Service Providers

  • Easily begin performing solar construction project inspections.
  • Focus solely on performing inspections and data capture.
  • Simple flight requirements allow you to capture data faster.

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Industry Proof Points

Reports that enable you to reach benchmarks.

The Raptor Maps Solar Construction software solution delivers analytics and reports that allow you to remotely plan, monitor, and track the entire project. Measure and calculate utility-scale construction progress with weekly inspections and reports to maximize construction efficiency. Add our software and reports to an in-house drone program or utilize our turnkey services. 

The report is editable and can be viewed on your Raptor Maps account. Your report contains:

  • The construction project’s orthomosaic

  • Raw Images

  • Analytics on the project’s status

The report can be accessed and downloaded in the formats you need:

  • Downloadable and printable composite site image

  • CAD format files
  • Point Cloud Mesh
  • A .PDF report document per flyover
  • A .CSV report file

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Avoid any last-minute surprises and verify the data being reported from the field. We work with in-house drone programs and offer turnkey services to enable you to accomplish benchmarks.  Click the button below to get started with Raptor Construction. 

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