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Drones are reducing labor costs, maximizing performance, and providing granular insights for PV systems. The technology is now mature enough to support aerial thermography, capturing PV system performance data with thermal infrared (IR) cameras.

Our CEO, Nikhil Vadhavkar, recently authored an article on the value unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)​ ​AKA​ ​drones​ ​bring to the Solar industry. O&M providers, EPC firms and asset owners are adopting drone technology around the world to reduce cost and increase efficiencies within C&I to Utility scale plants.

Topics covered include​s​ details on what drones can detect, making drone data actionable, equipment and format considerations, and​ ​understanding the basics of using drone technology for PV system inspections.

“This year, we are flying drones over most of our power plants under management. Asset owners are recognizing that drones can replace the majority of I-V curve tracing, which enables us to provide a faster, more detailed analysis and maximize output.”

Angelo Purpura

Director of Operations, SOLV, a Swinerton Company