Raptor Records

An advanced software-as-a-service platform for the entire solar lifecycle — from design and construction through operations.  Powered by our industry-leading data model, Raptor Records lets you standardize data, analyze insights and collaborate.

  • The system of record for your solar assets.
  • Scan module serial numbers into a geospatial data model.
  • Compare conditions year-over-year to measure degradation.
  • Log notes and photos remotely or on-site.
  • Import historical reports, including from third parties.
  • Ease of use and enterprise-grade security throughout.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Records

The most robust solar PV digital twin data model in the industry.  Data, documents, site notes and photographs can be stored, accessed in living equipment profiles and shared.

Barcode Scanning & Serial Number Mapping

Our mobile app allows you to scan barcodes on modules, validate serial numbers against OEM master lists and store data, geo-tagged to your as-built.  Track serial numbers of individual modules throughout their lifecycle.  Verify supply chains, validate construction and streamline warranty claims.  The app is available in offline mode for areas with poor or no cell service.

Comparisons — Year-Over-Year, Side by Side

Compare inspection reports from different points in time — on a map or in a table, by tag, temperature delta or normalized temperature delta.  View recurring issues and trending anomalies and even track issue resolution.

Digital Site Records & Notes

A centralized and secure platform to store inspection reports, documents, photographs and notes for your solar assets.  Preserve and make accessible site histories, regardless of staff turnover or ownership changes.  Strengthening everything from commissioning to warranty claims and financial due diligence.

Third-Party Report Imports & Comparisons

Have years of historical aerial inspection reports from a third party?  No problem.  Raptor Records will import, standardize and store your third-party reports.  Compare to each other or to your latest Raptor Maps reports.

Innovative Mobile App

Our mobile app enables you to get the most out of Raptor Records.  When on-site, view your GPS position overlaid on your as-built.  Scan serial number barcodes, document site notes and upload photos all while on site.  The same app can be used to access your inspections in the field.

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