Adding Specifications to Contracts

Start using the industry standard for PV inspections.



To enable the solar industry to scale, Raptor Maps provides aerial thermography and PV module barcode scanning contract ready language in a downloadable format.

Drone over Solar Panels

Aerial Thermography

Aerial thermography has become a standard practice for PV inspection in the solar industry and is increasingly getting scoped into requests for proposals (RFPs).

Add the language into your current contracts or as an exhibit to ensure your aerial-thermography inspections for standard O&M, preventative maintenance and project commissioning are following proven industry standards.

Raptor Maps strictly follows the IEC TS 62446-3:2017 standards for aerial thermography for our comprehensive and commissioning inspections to ensure a standardized data-collection process for our clients. To learn how we comply with the IEC standards, click here.


Contract-ready PDFs for aerial thermography

PV Aerial Thermography Inspection

PV Aerial Thermography Commissioning Inspection

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PV Module Serial Number Scanning

PV modules are a significant cost of building a solar site and their origin and performance over their lifetime pose regulatory, construction, operational, and reputational risk to developers and owners.

These risks can be mitigated through software-enabled PV module serial number capture at the point of installation.

Raptor Maps has developed a PV module serial number scanning process that directly scans a barcode into a digital twin and validates it against the OEM’s master list. For more information, visit Scanning Serial Numbers with the Mobile App.

In this specifications document, you’ll find information on capturing PV module serial numbers, digital twins, Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Eligibility, and the practices to follow to successfully complete a solar site’s PV module serial number scan.


Contract-ready PDFs for PV module barcode scanning

Solar PV Module Serial Number Scanning Specifications

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