Providing KMLs for Your PV Site



As part of the ordering process, we request that you provide the KML design of the solar farm. This will allow for the most accurate digital representation of your solar farm and increase efficiency in the data-collection process.

Note: Providing KMLs is not a replacement for as-builts.

You can upload your KML while filling out the order form here:

raptor maps software uploading kmls

The KML should ideally include fence lines, road boundaries and row/tracker outlines. It should also include equipment-pad locations and electrical-string-wiring information if possible. This is what a KML should look like:

raptor maps software kml file
raptor maps software kmls files

These are KMLs with row outlines, road/fence boundaries, and equipment-pad locations.

If possible, the KML should also include electrical-string-wiring information:

raptor maps software viewing kmls

Example of a KML with additional electrical wiring and labeling information.

If your KML does not contain row-orientation information, flight preplanning will be limited.

raptor maps software kml with no rows

Example of a KML with only array outlines and no row-orientation information.

Please reach out to your internal team to obtain a more detailed KML, if possible. However, if the only KML available is the array outline, please submit it.