Providing Analytics Access to Additional Users



Once your first solar inspection report is available, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to access the Raptor Maps application.

The first user on an account is assigned the role of administrator and can provide access to others.

Expert Tip: If you are managing solar inspections for multiple clients, when adding users, do not provide users with the ability to access the application to view all reports but rather provide access on a report basis.

There are two steps to adding user access to the Raptor Maps application. The first is to add them to your organization.

Click on the down arrow adjacent to the user name. In the dropdown box, click on the cogwheel associated with the organization name:

From the Add user to your organization page, enter an email address in the box provided. Check boxes to assign each user with the appropriate organization-wide permissions.

Note that any user assigned a permission will have this permission for all reports in your organization.

solar pv software admin capabilities

Once you have entered the email address and selected permissions, click Add user to add the user associated with that email address to your organization.

Note, you must add user permissions to access images sets separately, using the Image Set Permissions tab.

Each user you add receives an invitation email. The email includes a link to The new user will need to click on Reset password to set a password to access the app.

If you wish to give all users access to all reports, adding users here with the appropriate permissions is all that you need to do.

If you wish to limit user access to reports, especially in cases where you are doing solar inspections for multiple clients, add the user to your organization but do not grant any permissions. Then, go to the report to which you wish to grant access and click on the Get an external link icon to display this page:

solar pv software admin capabilities

Click on Users to add. Find the user email in the list and select it. Then click on the plus sign to add. This will provide the user associated with the email with access to the data in this report only. If you want to provide the user with edit permissions, click the Edit check box and then click Save Permissions.

Those with report editing permissions can:

  • Provide others within the organization with access to the report
  • Update the PPA rate used to calculate the dollar impact of anomalies on annual production
  • Change the priority assigned to an anomaly
  • Change the tag associated with an anomaly (from the map view)

Important note: A user with edit permissions will be able to view the email addresses of all users in your organization. Do not provide edit permissions to anyone who should not have access to this list.

Alternative: Rather than providing a login to the application, you can provide a user access to a report by means of a link. See Share Links.