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The fastest and most precise software to find and restore lost capacity.


Raptor Solar™ is an Artificial-Intelligence (AI) software solution to save Solar companies time and money.

With Raptor Solar, you can process thermal and color imagery generated from aerial solar site inspections with drones and/or manned aircraft. Every image is analyzed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, and anomalies are identified, classified, and localized. Trained analysts review all results in a rigorous quality control (QC) process to ensure the analytics are accurate and actionable. All findings are delivered in an online report portal, as downloadable reports (.KML and Excel), and various other file types for easy software integration and delivery to Engineers, Site Supervisors, and Field Technicians.

Drone thermal image highlighting a string failure. Captured with a DJI Inspire-1 drone with Zenmuse XT 640x512 camera.

Our Analysis Includes

  • Major electrical issues (inverter, combiner box failure, reversed polarity)
  • Tilt tracker issues
  • Defect identification at the string and module level
  • Detailed diode and cell-level issues
  • Shattered and soiled modules
  • Site issues (e.g., vegetation, flooding, security risks, etc.)

Who We Work With

Raptor Solar is a software solution developed by Raptor Maps, a software company. We help several players within the solar industry drive more value out of their inspection data, including:

  • Solar operations and maintenance (O&M)
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)
  • Engineers representing asset owners
  • Drone service providers (DSPs)

Important Note

Raptor Maps does not provide drone services but we can help you find a professional and licensed pilot to do the flying. Whether you have an internal drone program or contract out the flying, Raptor Maps will provide site- and equipment-specific guidance to help capture the highest quality data for analysis. Contact us here.

Best Practices

Are you interested in learning more about inspecting your Solar sites with a drone. Our guide to solar farm inspection using thermal imaging drones, is a great place to start. It covers methods, tips, and best practices for detecting defects in PV power plants with drones.

Raptor Solar detecting and localizing significant cell-level defects.


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