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Solar asset inspection analytics and reports.

Easy integration into every workflow.

We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones for solar asset inspection, monitoring, and management internally and/or hire a service provider to fly.


“Upon electing to enhance our solar maintenance capabilities with an organic drone program, Nexamp leveraged the experience and intelligence of Raptor Maps from equipment procurement, through training, to successful operations in less than four months.”

— Will Thompson | SVP | Nexamp Asset Management Services |


Confirm progress goals from day one to commissioning:

  • Monitor progress.
  • Track completion benchmarks.
  • Verify supply inflow and delivery.
  • Catch discrepancies from as builts.
  • Manage commissioning inspections.

O&M and Asset Management

Do more with less and be highly efficient:

  • Improve worker safety.
  • Reduce time in the field.
  • Gain insight down to the cell level.
  • Localization of anomalies in digitized solar site.
  • Optimize workflow and system performance.
  • Detailed classification of anomalies.
  • Reduce labor costs by more effectively deploying technicians.

Asset Owners

Maximize the return on your solar asset:

  • Ensure proper site commissioning.
  • End of warranty claim inspections.
  • Maximize return on investment.
  • Due diligence inspections on assets for sale.
  • Ensure proper management and maintenance.

Drone Service Providers

Provide expert solar deliverables to your clients:

  • Spend more time performing inspections.
  • Eliminate manual image review.
  • Get solar specific analysis on aerial data.
  • Find support from our solar experts.
  • Learn to fly for solar.

“We have been wanting to provide a turn key solution for our clients from day one. Partnering with Raptor Maps has allowed us to do just that. As the solar industry grows at a rapid pace, the need for actionable data has increased exponentially. With Raptor Maps we have been able to provide data driven results and streamline operations for our customers.”


Daniel Barres | CEO Soaring Sky |

“When we entered the solar industry, we looked to streamline our processes to be effective and efficient for our clients. We’ve been able to save both time and money on analyzing inbound data with Raptor Maps. This has allowed us to grow our customer base and scale our services within the industry.”


-Thomas Jones | CEO New England UAS | 

“Working with Raptor Maps, we were able to reduce our costs by 85% on our site commissioning and annual preventative maintenance. Raptor Maps’ excellent data analytics gave us an efficient and usable report that enabled us to maximize uptime and production but at a very affordable price that allowed us to do more with less.”


-O&M Manager, U.S. Based Solar EPC/O&M

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