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AI & Machine learning for aerial asset inspection.

Raptor Solar™ is an Artificial-Intelligence (AI) software solution to help solar companies reduce costs and increase energy production. With Raptor Solar, you can process thermal and color imagery generated from aerial solar site inspections with drones and/or manned aircraft. Every image is analyzed with a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, and anomalies are detected, classified, and localized. 

Raptor Maps utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision to recognize defect patterns within a database of over 30 million modules. The software can detect pre-failure anomalies that cannot be identified with manual electric testing, safeguarding against power production loss.

“We did extensive due diligence on potential partners for our drone services offering and Raptor Maps was clearly the leading provider for data processing and reporting. We are confident we have state-of-the-art drone capabilities thanks in large part to our relationship with Raptor Maps.”

— Rich Brindisi | Chief Operating Officer | Bonsai Energy Group |


Deliverables Include:


  • Raptor Maps software account
  • Raptor Maps software report portal per PV system inspected containing all imagery and analytics
  • Digitized and georeferenced site plan ( every module individually addressed and assigned to a string and row)
  • .PDF report document containing all analytics (classifications, locations, a breakdown of affected DC by defect type, etc.)
  • .KML report file containing georeferenced as-built drawings of each site (color-coded defect pins appear on top of as-builts with a georeferenced box around each anomaly drawn on as-built)
  • .XLSX report file

Performance Impact Analysis Includes:

  • Major electrical issues (inverter, combiner box failure, reversed polarity)
  • Tilt tracker issues
  • Defect identification at the string and module level
  • Detailed diode and cell-level issues
  • Shattered and soiled modules
  • Site issues (e.g., vegetation, flooding, security risks, etc.)

Geospatial Technology

Raptor Maps digitizes your PV system, incorporating structural, electrical, and other critical asset data. This digital solar farm and as-built drawings are georeferenced, with every module encoded. Raptor Maps provides intuitive numbering conventions for technicians to find the correct module, and can optionally encode inverter, combiner, and string nomenclature.

Our approach allows our clients to track the progression of a PV system, across a portfolio, and within individual modules. This analysis is critical for preventative maintenance plans, financial modeling, warranty screening, and more.




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We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones to monitor and manage their solar assets internally and/or hire a service provider to fly. Buy hardware, join our service provider network, or learn more about machine learning for solar with Raptor Maps.



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