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“New Energy Equity, the country’s leading end-to-end solar development and finance specialist, and its asset management division, Energy Support Services, which brings a proactive and data-driven approach to solar asset management, chose to add Raptor Maps’ aerial inspection services and solar analytics software to our workflows to increase efficiency and collaboration between our teams. Raptor Maps enabled us to reduce our use of exploratory IV curve tracing, significantly lowering our operating costs. The transparent software platform helps us efficiently manage our assets, identify DC health issues earlier, and provide best-in-class O&M services to our clients who also have access to the platform.”

Conrad Gross, Director Operations, Energy Support Services, New Energy Equity

We’ve had O&M teams fly a few sites and our team loves the Raptor Maps reports. We’ve updated our contracts to require EPCs to use Raptor Maps at commissioning, and the O&M team to use annually. As the long-term asset owners, Raptor Maps adds immediate value so it’s mutually beneficial for us to push their technology into the industry.”

Ben Hunter, Director of Asset Management, Madison Energy Investments

“Aerial thermography has re-shaped solar O&M. Drones and thermal cameras are great tools, but without precise post-processing and reporting, it can still be time-consuming to work on thermal images. Working with Raptor Maps helped us identify cell, PV module, string, and combiner box level issues quickly without having to do manual electrical testing. Raptor Maps digitized site maps with precise anomaly locations, reduced the time that site technicians and site engineers spent in the field, and improved overall asset and plant performance. We also think this is a great commissioning and warranty inspection tool.”

Serdar Soytok, Head of Engineering and Development, Captona

“The partnership with Raptor Maps on this innovative technology goes beyond demonstrations, and implements ground-breaking solutions in a responsible and scalable way.”

Rafael Gonzalaez, Head of Enel Green Power North America

When you take a drone and you attach a thermal camera to it, you can actually collect very interesting thermal imagery of our photovoltaic plans and show exactly where faults and anomalies might be. It saves us money and an enormous amount of time.”

Sander Cohan, Director of Innovation, Enel Green Power North America

“We are very excited to work with Raptor Maps to further develop a platform that pushes our industry-leading Aerial Thermography program to the next level. The Raptor Maps team has developed a solution that has added excellent value to Cypress Creek O&M. ”

“The Raptor Maps team has developed a solution that has added excellent value to Cypress Creek O&M. This partnership allows our Reliability Engineering team to focus on inspections, repairs and analysis and leave the heavy lifting of reviewing thousands of images for anomalies to automation without measurable impacts to accuracy. The partnership will lead to improved report turnaround time, more time devoted to inspections and repairs and most importantly improved facility performance for our customers.”

Kyle Cooper, VP of O&M, Cypress Creek Renewables

“Aerial thermography has become a valuable tool in SOLV’s offering as a solar O&M provider to maximize DC health. The ability to perform these inspections internally makes us more efficient and allows us to scale operations, passing those savings on to our clients. A major challenge of aerial thermography is how to process and generate reports once a site has been inspected. SOLV evaluated a dozen companies that provide drone inspection imagery data processing and report generation and found Raptor Maps to be the best solution in the market for our specific needs. Raptor Maps enables us to quickly and effectively perform the drone inspection, can support our wide range of sites under management, and provides clear and actionable reports for our field team on what items need to be fixed versus monitored,”

Reegan Moen, Business Development Manager, SOLV, Inc., a Swinerton Company

“Since we started using Raptor Maps, their technology does all of this for us. We’re able to fly a site, give them the raw sensor data, they’re able to run it through their system, and within a few days produce a map and a report identifying where all of the problems are, as well as the costs related to those problems.” 

Joshua Marriott, Senior VDC Engineer Field Solutions/sUAV Operations Leader, McCarthy Building Companies

“At senseFly we are continually looking across the industry to identify new commercial partners with whom we can bring to market what our customers need, which is vertically-focused end-to-end solutions. With Raptor Maps, we are collaborating with a true solar industry pioneer. Their software takes the guesswork out of solar farm inspection and, crucially, speeds up this process — from days down to hours.” 

Gilles Labossière, CEO, senseFly

“Here at Gresco, our vision is to be the industry leader in innovative supply chain solutions. This means we provide not only products, but full end-to-end solutions. Our partnership with Raptor Maps is helping us reach our vision by providing a powerful tool that simplifies and expedites drone-based solar inspections.”

Jamie Gose, UAS Sales Manager, Gresco Technology Solutions

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