Aerial Topographic Survey

Accurately assess PV construction sites

Combine drones and software to help plan, monitor, and track your solar construction project. Our solar construction software platform delivers numbers and percentages on the current state of your project. Identify problems before they occur or cause delays. Remotely oversee progress to ensure benchmarks align with project deadlines. Deliver metrics on the current state of your project to management and stakeholders.

Comprehensive Records Of The Construction Site

Leverage the precision and efficiency that come from aerial site surveys. The Topographic Survey solution facilitates: 

  • Precise site assessments and measurements  
  • A swift transition from pre-construction to building
  • Remote confirmation of ground measurements
  • A reduction in unexpected issues
  • Unlocking upcoming bank funding rounds 

Reports In The Files Your Team Needs

Aerial Topographic Survey reports deliver the data needed to remotely and properly plan installation. Add our software and reports to an in-house drone program or utilize our turnkey services. 

The reports contain:

  • The Contour Map (.dwg / .shp ): suited for large scale PV construction projects

  • A .PDF with diagrams of exact volume measurements for debris piles and trenches: suited for small scale PV construction projects

Volume measurement in the file types needed, including:

  • Orthomosaic (.tif)
  • Digital Surface Model (.tif)
  • Point Cloud (.las)
  • 3D Mesh bundle containing Texture (.jpg), Mesh material (.mtl), 3D Mesh (.obj), and Ortho Scale Factor files

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We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, OEMs, and O&M teams who are looking to improve the efficiency of their solar assets during any stage of its lifecycle. Contact us to learn how our software will enable you to scale. 

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