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Raptor Maps makes adding aerial solar inspections and software analytics convenient with our global turnkey services. Our network of experienced drone pilots are licensed, trained, and insured to ensure you’re receiving high-quality deliverables. Available worldwide, with pilots who are local to your area and backed by industry-leading software.

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Standardized Practices

Every partnered pilot flies by our strict flight guidelines and data collection requirements. Meaning each inspection and deliverable is standardized and creates trackable reference points.

Actionable Reports

Deliverables are available on an individual’s Raptor Maps account and make it easy to understand the PV systems performance. Each solar anomaly is found, classified, localized, and prioritized.  The reports are downloadable, shareable, and provide key insights into the PV systems performance. 

Professional Pilots

Each drone pilot hired to perform the inspection is licensed, insured, and experienced. Pilots are local to the area of the PV system and aware of the flight regulations in place there.


Designated Project Managers

Our project managers are assigned to each turnkey service, to coordinate, schedule, and manage the process during every step. Our team handles the inspection and analysis process from start to finish.  

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Start increasing your energy production and reducing costs with Raptor Maps turnkey services. We support Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones to monitor and manage their solar assets. Click the button below to start utilizing aerial thermography and software analysis.

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