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AI driven software to increase power production.
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Revolutionizing the Solar Industry

We are partnering with Enel Green Power scaling drones, artificial intelligence, and thermal data to increase solar production.

Raptor Maps handles it all.





We help you collect aerial solar data and turn it into comprehensive analytics and actionable reports to optimize your assets.

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End-to-end artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Raptor Maps develops custom, end-to-end machine learning and AI solutions for enterprises that leverage drones and aerial data. The Enterprise AI solution includes custom algorithms trained for specific assets, interfaces and alerting systems, incorporation of asset and other IoT/SCADA data, backend IT integration, and more.

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We work with Asset Owners, EPCs, Asset Management, and O&M teams who want to use drones to monitor and manage their solar assets internally and/or hire a service provider to fly. Buy hardware, join our drone service provider network, or learn more about machine learning for solar with Raptor Maps!


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