Raptor Solar

An advanced software-as-a-service platform for the entire solar lifecycle — from financing and construction through operations.  Powered by our industry-leading data model, Raptor Solar lets you optimize your PV assets, standardize data, analyze insights and collaborate.  Strengthen asset efficiency, boost staff effectiveness and ultimately lift financial return.

  • An auditable system of record for your solar assets.
  • Scan module serial numbers into a geospatial data model.
  • Unlimited inspection analytics with the most sophisticated tech.
  • Import historical inspection reports from any provider.
  • Visualize context with inverter, pyranometer and weather data.
  • Meet OEM warranty requirements with data normalized to STC.
  • Compare conditions year-over-year to measure degradation.
  • Productivity tools such as site notes, order tracking and navigation.

State-of-the-Art Site Digitization

The most robust digital twin of your solar assets in the industry.  Create a comprehensive data model based on your as-builts and other sources of information, including an interactive site map.  Insights powered by our industry-leading data model that get better over time with machine learning.  Strengthening everything from commissioning to warranty claims to financial due diligence.

Geo-Tagged Site Records & Notes

A centralized and secure platform to store inspection reports, data, documents, CAD files, technical specifications, performance models, warranty documentation, shipping receipts, photographs and field notes.  Preserved and made accessible with living geospatial equipment profiles, regardless of staff turnover or ownership changes.

Barcode Scanning & Serial Number Mapping

Our mobile app (or any Bluetooth scanner) allows you to scan barcodes on PV modules, validate serial numbers against OEM master lists and store data, geo-tagged to your as-built.  Verify supply chains for safe harboring and tax incentive eligibility by tracking serial numbers throughout their lifecycle.  Validate construction and streamline warranty claims.  The app performs in offline mode in areas with poor or no cell service.  Export data to spreadsheets, including serial number, module latitudes and longitudes and more.

Unlimited Inspection Reports & Digitization

Get unlimited inspection reports and analytics from the market leader in aerial thermography.  Raptor inspections are input agnostic — drones, planes or sensors — yours or ours.  Access industry-leading training to ensure your data collection meets specifications.  Each solar anomaly is identified, classified, localized and prioritized.  Raptor Solar can even digitize, standardize and store historical third party reports.  Compare to each other or to your Raptor reports for degradation measurements and a holistic view of your assets.

Normalize Measurements with Sensor & Weather Data

Integrate inverter, pyranometer and weather time series data with aerial thermography reports.  POA irradiance, power production and other data streams can all be imported either in real-time or via upload.  Providing invaluable context around anomalies as well as additional quantitative evidence of asset degradation.  This added awareness also minimizes the need for re-inspections, saving time and money.

Integrate with SCADA, DAS & Other Systems

We support integration with any SCADA or DAS system as well as with other apps (data import intervals may vary).  These integrations automate otherwise laborious manual tasks.  Raptor Solar presents info in a simple format no matter how many data providers are connected.

Meet OEM Warranty Requirements with STC

Increase efficiency of warranty claim processes.  Using irradiance data normalizes temperature delta calculations to Standard Test Conditions (STC) — critical to the acceptance of warranty claims.  Meet BloombergNEF Tier 1 module OEM requirements more easily.

Analysis & Comparisons — Year-Over-Year, Side by Side

Conduct in depth trend and derate analysis by comparing inspection reports over time — on a map or in a table, by classification, temperature delta or normalized temperature delta.  Track and visualize long term degradation to understand asset health over time.  View recurring issues and trending anomalies and also track issue resolution.  Tables quantify financial and production loss.  You can even benchmark your portfolio against about 25 GWs of PV system anomalies and analytics.

Productivity Tools Your Team Will Love

Supercharge your team and colleagues with a host of additional efficiency features, including as-built field navigation, serial number geo-location and data collection order tracking.  Site notes centralize communication and knowledge sharing between parties.  Collect all info in one place required for warranty claims and financial or M&A due diligence.  Print, securely share and export in various file formats.  Raptor Solar also offers download of original aerial inspection imagery and data for maximum auditability.

Ease of Use & Security Throughout

Our web and mobile portal enable you to get the most out of Raptor Solar.  Get an unlimited number of users, including from outside your organization.  With the mobile app for iOS and Android, view your GPS position overlaid on your as-built while on site.  Scan serial number barcodes, document site notes and upload photos all while on site.  The mobile app can also be used in the field to access your inspections as well as view data from inverters, weather stations and more.  All with enterprise-grade security throughout.

World-Class Support at Every Step

Get unlimited premium support with a dedicated Account Manager on our Advanced tier.  From our USA-based staff that includes certified thermographers and some of the most skilled experts in solar energy.  Customized setup and training get you going fast.  Personalized walk-throughs of results with every inspection report (for yourself and stakeholders) ensure you get the most out of findings.  With email and phone support at every step of the way.

Catch Our Monthly Webinar

Get a brief overview of Raptor Solar, followed by an informal Q&A with our founders and heads of product and software.  Drop in for five minutes or for 30.  The first Wednesday of each month from 3:00-3:30 EST.

Raptor Solar Features



Site Digitization Based on As-Built
Inspection Report Digitization
Solar Site Digital Map — Web & Mobile
Serial Number Barcode Scanning


Aerial Thermography Reports
Findings & Impact Analysis
Original Data Download

Insights & Analysis

Inspection Comparisons
On-Site Power Sensor Data Analysis
On-Site Weather Sensor Data Analysis
Normalized Temperature Deltas
OEM Equipment Reconciliation


Data Collection Order Tracking
Site Notes with Image & File Upload
Sophisticated Equipment Records
As-Built Field Navigation
Serial Number Geo-Location
Web & Mobile Portal (iOS & Android)
Secure Report Sharing

Account & Services

Number of Users
Basic Support
Premium Support
Dedicated Account Manager
DAS/SCADA Platform Data Integrations

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