Supercharge Your Assets with Raptor Solar


Raptor Solar is the go-to operating system for the solar industry, serving asset owners, financiers, operators, OEMs, and other solar-industry stakeholders.

Bridge the gap between insight and action, maximize production and minimize downtime to increase the asset’s rate of return.

The platform’s product suite can be customized to your organization’s needs, with functionality including:
    • A dynamic, continuously-evolving digital twin, based on your as-built design and incorporating data layers from the sources you need to monitor and optimize asset performance, such as power production, irradiance, in-field equipment notes, and more
    • Mobile app that connects the back office to the field, empowering field technicians with the tools they need to safely and efficiently remediate anomalies
    • Inspection analytics that utilize our state-of-the-art machine learning technology, accurately identifying anomalies and producing actionable analytics and prioritization based on power production and revenue impact
    • Automated warranty claims packages that are generated directly from the platform, reducing the manual labor and turnaround time to maximize uptime of your assets
    • Serial numbers scanning directly into a geospatial data model to verify supply chains, streamline claims processes, claim tax incentives, and more
    • Portfolio analytics and benchmarking, powered by Raptor Maps’ ever-growing dataset of 80+ GW, to understand how your portfolio performs across regions, capacity ranges, OEMs, and more

    Trusted by 100’s of Leading Solar Companies Worldwide

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    Catch Our Monthly Webinar

    Get a brief overview of Raptor Solar or coverage of other solar related topics, followed by an informal Q&A with our founders and heads of product and software.  Drop in for five minutes or for 30.  The first Wednesday of each month from 3:00-3:30 EST.

    Store State-of-the-Art Equipment Records in a Digital Twin

    Raptor Solar provides the most robust solar digital twin data model in the industry and acts as a system of record for your solar assets. Data, documents, site notes and photographs are stored in living equipment profiles. Data analysis can contribute to 150+ bps IRR increase as a result of improved efficiency, optimized OPEX, and mitigated risk.

    Access Inspection Reports & Digitization

    Get inspection reports and analytics from the market leader in aerial thermography. Raptor Maps inspection reports are input agnostic — drones, planes or sensors — yours or ours. Access industry-leading training to ensure your data collection meets specifications. Each solar anomaly is identified, classified, localized and prioritized. Raptor Solar can also digitize, standardize, and store historical third-party reports. Compare reports for degradation measurements and a holistic view of your assets. Aerial inspections generate an estimated additional $2,000/MW per year.

    Analysis & Comparisons — Year-Over-Year, Side by Side

    Conduct in depth trend and derate analysis by comparing inspection reports over time — on a map or in a table, by classification, temperature delta or normalized temperature delta. Track and visualize long term degradation — including time-series data — to understand asset health over time. View recurring issues and trending anomalies and also track issue resolution. Tables quantify financial and production loss. You can even benchmark your portfolio against about 80 GWs of PV system anomalies and analytics.

    Easily Access Geo-Tagged Site Records & Notes

    Raptor Solar is a centralized and secure platform for safeguarding and analyzing inspection reports, data, documents, CAD files, technical specifications, performance models, warranty documentation, shipping receipts, photographs and field notes. The software platform supports integration with any SCADA or DAS system, as well as with other apps. Data is preserved and made accessible with living geospatial equipment profiles, regardless of staff turnover or ownership changes.

    Seamlessly Submit and Process Warranty Claims

    Raptor Solar warranty claims feature means equipment claims can be directly submitted to manufacturers. The claims include visual evidence, relevant inspection data and crucial identifying information such as serial numbers. Communication about a claim takes place within the Raptor Solar platform, and manufacturers finalize and approve claims within the software. Equipment owners save money by ensuring all documentation is processed efficiently and accurately. Operators save time with a streamlined, intuitive process. Manufacturers benefit from a satisfied customer base. 

    Scan Barcodes & Map Serial Numbers

    Our mobile app or any Bluetooth scanner allows you to scan barcodes on PV modules, validate serial numbers against OEM master lists and store data, geo-tagged to your as-built. Verify supply chains for safe harboring and tax incentive eligibility by tracking serial numbers throughout their lifecycle. Validate construction and streamline warranty claims. The app performs in offline mode in areas with poor or no cell service. Export data to spreadsheets, including serial number, module latitudes and longitudes, and more. Customers have experienced a 5x decrease in field technician response and remediation time by digitizing module serial numbers into our platform.

    Integrate with SCADA, DAS & Other Systems

    We support integration with any SCADA or DAS system as well as with other apps (data import intervals may vary).  These integrations automate otherwise laborious manual tasks.  Raptor Solar presents info in a simple format no matter how many data providers are connected.

    Mobile Solutions Connect All Stakeholders

    Raptor Solar’s mobile platform serves multiple solar industry stakeholders. Field technicians can quickly locate anomalies or log relevant information, such as serial number scans. O&M teams can maintain comprehensive equipment records within the app, attaching documentation and notes as required. And asset managers can use the mobile-first technology to quickly access the health of a solar farm.  

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